Leadership, integration & business process efficiency

As an experienced consultant with rich industry expertise, I take on only challenging tasks. I have  worked many years in the field for various companies, in different positions, within projects and programs differing significantly in size. My main knowledge areas include but are not limited to project and program management, SAP financials (FI), management accounting (CO), record to report (RTR), order to cash (OTC), procure to pay (PTP), business process redesign & harmonization, integration knowledge, data migration, information systems, technical know-how, interface design, portals etc. As I have, at the same time,  extensive hands-on and leadership experience, complemented by my theoretical background resulting from my completed university studies, I am able to provide a multitude of high quality services.


Collaboration, commitment & global networking

In a rapidly changing world everything is about collaboration and cooperation. In particular, for large IS projects and programs a committed, high performing

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team is one of the key success factors.  My intention has always been to build stable relationships with customers, employers, team members and other stakeholders. Therefore, I am part of a high-performance network, and SKMis has access to other resources within this network, including loose couplings, as well as long lasting, stable relationships, and allows me to build interdisciplinary teams for challenging endeavors.


Flexibility, changing situations & environments

As a consultant, one is always subject to flexible requirements and changing

conditions. My industry expertise includes but is not limited to pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, automotive, banking, industrial processing and the public sector. This rich industry expertise is a result of my positive attitude, my open mind and my flexibility. As such, SKMis is ready to take on the greatest challenges in combination with changing situations and environments, and SKMis is looking forward to hearing from you in regard to prospective opportunities.



Nowadays, a considerable amount of time is spent searching for the right information on the World Wide Web. Target groups which could benefit from each other simply do not find one another. As a consequence, individuals  and companies get lost in the intransparent information jungle. My aim is to develop target oriented portals (as an owner or co-owner) to bring the various target groups together and bridge this gap.  Those who use these intelligent  internet services will find the right information, at the right time, with the perfect quality. As such, these internet services offered will contribute to my vision of building a better society through the purposeful use of sustainable information systems. Any ideas in this regard are welcome!


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